Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Under Armour heatgear

These Under Armour heatgear compression shorts are made of a single thin, breathable layer of moisture-wicking fabric. They have a distinct elastic waistband that is fairly soft, but sturdier than the Nike Pro Combat waistband. They have a low crotch and relatively flat front panel, similar to the Starter, but not as low as those. They still feel like they push everything back between your legs, but there is some small amount of support, rather than just hanging. Although they seem like they are higher quality and they are certainly a popular brand, I didn’t really like the way they fit.

Friday, July 3, 2015


Like the Clinch Gear compression shorts, these Gameness vale tudo compression shorts are designed as outerwear, primarily for no-gi submission wrestling and MMA. They are made of double-layer fabric, making them thicker and more durable. They also have the drawstring waist and grippers in the legs to prevent riding up. The legs are a bit shorter, only coming to about mid-thigh, and the crotch is a little higher. Like the Clinch Gear compression shorts, they are loose enough in the front to accomodate a cup for no-gi submission wrestling or MMA, but they provide a bit more support than the Clinch Gear when worn without a cup. This is an excellent and comfortable pair of compression shorts, from a reputable name in BJJ and MMA gear.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Clinch Gear

These Clinch Gear compression shorts are different from a lot of compression shorts. While most compression shorts are designed primarily as underwear, these are clearly designed as outerwear. They are a single layer, but a somewhat thicker material. They feel more substantial and durable, though still cool and moisture-wicking. The waistband is of the same material as the rest of the shorts, but has an internal band to provide stiffness, and a drawstring. The legs have silicone grippers that prevent them from riding up. The seams are on the sides, rather than running across the front and back, but the front still feels “rounder” and provides some support. They are a bit looser in the crotch and front, which allows them to comfortably accommodate a cup for MMA or no-gi submission grappling. Nevertheless, they are also suitable for general use as outerwear for other athletic activities.

Nike Pro Combat

These Nike Pro Combat compression shorts are made of a single thin, breathable layer of moisture-wicking fabric, except for a reinforced front panel. The front panel does have a seam down the middle making it less flat and more accommodating. They have a distinct elastic waistband, but it is soft and almost silky smooth, inside and out. Unlike the Starter compression shorts, the crotch is fairly snug. They don’t provide a lot of lift or push you forward much, but they do provide some support and a much more natural positioning than the Starter shorts.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


This is the generic brand at Walmart. These are made of single thin, breathable layer of moisture-wicking fabric. They have a distinct, elastic waistband that is a bit coarser on the outside, but sort of soft and velvety on the inside. The crotch in these is very low, almost like a webbing between your legs with a large open space in the bottom. The front panel feels relatively flat. They don’t provide any support, but rather push everything back into the open space between your legs. This positioning feels awkward and unnatural to me. While these were relatively inexpensive, I just don’t like the way they fit.